The Truth About Missing You

They said that it would come in waves, missing you. They insisted that although the skies would be dark that the storm would pass. They weren’t entirely wrong.

Missing you does come in waves, but they’re tsunami waves. Crashing down on me, leaving me breathless. When the storm hits, the skies do get dark, just as everyone promised that they would. But what they didn’t say was that every time the skies went dark and the waves crashed down, they would devastate. Obliterating all the progress that had been made since the last storm. I would be left to once again pick up the pieces of the mess that’s left.

It’s there every day. The dull ache in my chest. It’s in everything that I do from the moment I wake up until the moment I’m asleep. I feel it nagging at me, begging to be acknowledged. Everywhere I go I’m reminded that you’re no longer a part of me, and every time I’m reminded it’s as though my entire world is crashing down. You see, the truth is that I saw a future with you beyond just a partner, but a best friend. And to lose both of those parts of you ripped my heart out of my chest.

When they ask about you, I smile. I tell them that today will be a better day for me. And that next week will be easier. But the truth about missing you, is that it’s only gotten harder, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop.


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